Learning Colors, Shapes, and More with Color Time

Color Time - Made by Kieffer Bros.Color Time is a game for young learners to play with a parent (or anyone old enough to read). It can help little ones learn colors, shapes, numbers, and letters.

Start by saying the word out loud so they know what to look for, like “Find the color blue”. Don’t be afraid to repeat the answer multiple times. If they pick a wrong option, you can use the opportunity to tell them it’s not right. Then make sure to reiterate the answer they are looking for. Be gentle. Don’t lose your patience or you’ll ruin the fun and spoil the learning experience. Sometimes it’s fun to choose the wrong answer. When your kid gets the right answer, don’t hesitate to celebrate and give them praise. Learning is awesome and the more fun you make it, the more they’ll want to keep learning.

As your child gets better at the game, you can choose to increase the number of questions per round. You can also choose to hide the answers, which can be useful the more your child learns to recognize numbers and letters.

Contact us if you have any feedback. We sincerely want to hear about your experience.

Check out colortime.app to play.