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Blockwick 2 Blockwick 2 Icon: Seven colorful, wonky shaped blocks all fit together into a perfect square Slide & Match Puzzle Game

Return to a world of jumbled and colorful blocks in Blockwick 2. Unscramble the shapes to unite each color. The game introduces a slew of new blocks types including entangled blocks, sticky blocks, caterpillar blocks, and more. Learn more on the website.

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Jollygrams Jollygrams Icon: a cheerful, little, yellow bird It's Nonsense and Gibberish

Apparently, people can unscramble this balderdash and find some sort of meaning. As far as we can tell, Jollygrams is a word game, and it's total gibberish. Check out the Website.

Download Jollygrams on Apple's the App Store'
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Aqueduct Aqueduct Icon: A small cog with a bright blue water droplet in the center A Waterworks Puzzler

Rearrange pipes to restore the flow of water. Lots of interesting gadgets and obstacles pop up along the way—like gates, conveyor belts, warp portals, and magnetic floor tiles. The game includes over 250 puzzles, plus 2 add-on chapters available for purchase. It's even got its own webpage

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Blockwick Blockwick Icon: A Blue and red block each with mysterious, glowing symbols A Place with Lots of Blocks

The blocks here are all different shapes and colors with mysterious symbols. Everything is mixed up, but when you place same-colored blocks next to each other, they glow. Organize the blocks to bring light and order to this world. The soundtrack is available for purchase on Bandcamp

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Orba Title Orba Icon: seven glowing, colorful orbs in a honeycomb pattern The Deliciously Addictive Color Smasher

Tap chains of colored orbs to clear the board. Longer chains earn more points. The challenge increases as more and more colors come in to play. No free-to-play to gimmicks- play how you want, when you want. It's good ole fashioned, puzzle color matching fun.