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Goodbye Basics

We’re terrible at making free-to-play apps. Basically, we take a premium experience and slap some ads on it. Turns out we’re just not that interested in developing arcane monetization mechanics and sideways sales pitches. We especially don’t like designing features that exploit people’s psychological soft spots (think Casinos and a sadly large number of games on the app stores).

With this in mind, we’ve decided to take down Blockwick 2 Basics from the various app stores. The main reason we decided to discontinue Basics: it wasn’t working. We weren’t even making pocket money from the ads and not enough people were upgrading to the full version. The numbers just weren’t adding up.

Another big reason we’re abandoning Basics is we dislike ads and so do most players. So why support something that most people aren’t crazy about? And finally, all the Basics puzzles are available in a free puzzle pack in the full version of Blockwick 2. So, all those easy Basics puzzles will still be available for curious and dedicated Blockwick players.

We’re considering making a free primer version of Blockwick 2 similar to the demo versions of Aqueduct and the original Blockwick, but we’ll see. Aqueduct 101 really helped sell the full version of Aqueduct, but Blockwick 101 didn’t have as good of a conversion rate. Again, we’ll see.

At the moment, we’d like to explore new game ideas. We’ve been working on Blockwick 2 for almost a year and a half now, and it feels like it’s time to move on. We may make a few more puzzle packs and fix bugs when they come up, but probably no more crazy big updates.

Goodbye Basics, hello something new!