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Blockwick 2: Why Premium?


For the past five years we’ve experimented with a bunch of revenue models for apps, free-to-play, freemium, ad-supported, and of course, premium. So why have we returned to premium when most of the top grossing apps are using different models? The short answer: It is a better experience. We are far more interested in design, gameplay, and user experience than using psychological tricks to try to boost revenue. It’s the kind of experience that we prefer as users ourselves.

Why compromise a beautiful design with gaudy and distracting ads and/or constantly pulling a player out of the experience and bothering them with in-app purchase requests and other annoying pop-ups? Maybe free-to-play does work, but it’s not the kind of experience we enjoy, and it’s not the kind of experience we wanted to make for Blockwick 2. We made something we are proud of. Hopefully enough of you feel the same way.

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