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We don't sell these games anymore, but they are still fun to show off. Go back to the Kieffer Bros. homepage to see all of our current games.

Monster Soup Frenetic Skill & Spacial Reasoning

Save the little soup monsters from ice-world mastermind, Plubert. String together groups to unlock their power and stave off the ice in this fast-paced puzzler. Get cool stuff at the Monster Soup website

No longer available for iOS

Hyper Puck Air Hockey Combat

This frantic game fuses air hockey and projectile weapons into a furiously frenetic multiplayer experience. Choose from several different arenas, and arm yourself with a powerful special abilities to defeat your opponent.

No longer available for iOS

Enso Dot Connect The Dots

Enso Dot is an elegant logic puzzle that engages both your fingers and intuition. The object is simple—connect the dots using one continuous loop while following the given pattern. Every puzzle provides an opportunity to develop new approaches and new strategies.

No longer available for iOS