Starbucks App Store Pick of the Week

Well, it was a fun week at the end of August. Our latest puzzle game, Blockwick 2, was selected by Starbucks as their “App Store Pick of the Week”. This is a promotion that Starbucks and Apple run in partnership with selected developers to sell more coffee, raise awareness of the App Store, and give a premium app a little moment in the limelight. For Starbucks customers (who also use iOS devices), it means they get a free app, so it’s another reason to stay a loyal Starbucks customer.


After the seven days of the promotion, we gave away over a quarter million copies of Blockwick 2. This is a terrifying number for us— on one hand we just gave away a ridiculous number of copies of our most valuable game, all for zero profit. On the other hand we got access to a huge swath of people who otherwise would have never heard about our game or company. Exposure is something our company sorely needs, but it doesn’t pay the rent. The real question is in the long run will it have been worth it? So far we’ve only seen a very tiny bump is sales. Stay tuned for further conclusions on the program’s efficacy.

PS. The promotion ran from Tuesday the 25th of August to Monday the 1st of September 2015.