Status Update: Where Are We?

You can always tell when a big project is underway here at Kieffer Bros. Our connection with the outside world begins to dissolve, and our social media chatter mostly goes silent. With just three of us, our attention and energy turn almost solely to the project at hand. So what are we working on?

We’re building a new word game—a gorgeously painted, highly re-playable, tactically deep word game adventure.

In many ways, it’s a sequel to our previous word game, Abca. More specifically, it’s a sequel to Quest, one of Abca’s gameplay modes. It takes the core concept of Quest and deepens the experience, saturates it with color, and intensifies the adventure. Even four months into production, our enthusiasm for this game hasn’t flagged one bit.

Not only are we excited about the game itself, we have been enjoying the process just as much. We like to think of this game as our studio’s thesis project—taking all the game-making lessons we’ve learned since our 2008-inception and pouring it into one product.

Keep your ear to the ground for sneak peeks and updates in the coming months.

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Introducing Blockwick

After our first (successful) beta test, we finally released our puzzle game, Blockwick. The game’s objective is simple: match up colored blocks. Solving a puzzle, however, is not as easy as it sounds. And with every new chapter we introduce another color and shape. Check it out on the App Store.

As far as pricing goes, this time we are trying something a little different. Users can download the app for free and play through the first three chapters – that’s 60 puzzles. After that you can buy subsequent sections of 60 puzzles each for 99 cents. Right now there are a total of 240 puzzles, but we’d consider adding more puzzles if there’s enough demand.

So far the release is going well. We got a great review from Enoda, and the feedback from users has been very positive. Check it out – it’s free after all – and tell your friends.

Happy Holidays from the Kieffer Bros!

Monster Soup Coming June 15th

A menacing, moon-sized maniac, Plubert, threatens the burgeoning monster-civilization of Soup System. It’s your job to unite these helpless critters and rescue them from the approaching Ice Age.

Drag your finger over the screen to connect same-colored monsters. Create longer chains for more points and special power-ups. But act fast before they get caught in the icy snares of the fiendish planet-freezer, Plubert!

Available on the App Store next Wednesday, June 15th!

Introducing Aqueduct

The lines between slider and pipe-connecting puzzles are now officially blurred. Aqueduct combines both these concepts into something completely original (as far as we know anyway). The goal—rearrange the track pieces to restore the flow of water.
Gates, conveyor belts, warp portals, and more stand between you and order. With over 140 hand-crafted puzzles, spanning six chapter of difficulty, we think Aqueduct will be able to keep you occupied for quite some time. 🙂

Aqueduct is available on the App Store for $2.99. Pick it up today! Find it on the App Store here.