Works on iPhone and iPad
A Waterworks Puzzler
Rearrange the pipes to restore the flow.

Aqueduct Flow is a reincarnation of our critically successful puzzle game, Aqueduct. We’re going free-to-play with this title because, dangnabit, premium games on mobile have a hard time getting any consumer attention.

In Aqueduct Flow, players rearrange pipes to restore the flow of water. Lots of interesting gadgets and obstacles pop up along the way—like gates, conveyor belts, warp portals, and magnetic floor tiles. The game is free-to-play and includes 96 puzzles.

We paid very close attention to crafting an experience that is engaging the whole way through. To keep things interesting, we introduce new concepts and gadgets throughout the game as the difficulty slowly climbs. The final chapter puts all the of the different gadgets and techniques together for a real mind-bending challenge.

The game is ad-supported, but instead of having the mood-killing, ever-present banner ads we will be serving interstitial ads—quick videos in between some of the puzzles. We think the experience is much better. And for those who hate ads, a couple bucks will get rid of the ads permanently.

And for players who want more puzzles, we have three extra puzzle packs that can be purchased right inside the app. Each pack contains 30 puzzles of varying difficulty.

And lastly, we wanted to brag. People love these puzzles—the original paid version gets almost exclusively high ratings with over 2,600 five-stars on the App Stores worldwide.

Download Aqueduct Flow. It's free.